Wouldn’t be nice to be able to solve an existing challenge in a practical manner? For my second practicum project, I thought I could delve into the relatively new world of text generation. When I mentioned my chosen scope, my sister asked if it was possible to generate short banners in the style of the banners of best-performing products. She leads a software engineering team of a marketplace app where hosts and guests are matched for service thus she is always interested in features that can aid new hosts to build their profiles with efficiency and increase bookings. Banners are…


Having worked in the service industry I have always been fascinated by the structure and the scoring aspects of the restaurant health inspections. For my practicum project, I thought I could use the restaurant inspection health scores data set. In this article, I am going to highlight and share some of my key findings, my challenges, and few tips and tricks I picked up along the way. For analysis, there are seven notebooks with curated data sets, all available on the project’s GitHub page, Scoopv2.

Background and problem statement

The Food Safety Program in San Francisco enforces health code…

I believe that the hallmark of tech-forward businesses in the 2020s will be the ability to combine business intelligence (BI) and data democratization (DD). BI tools allow users across the company to monitor sales, operational, and customer metrics live as they happen, and DD allows individual non-technical users to go beyond just monitoring reports, to actively modifying, adapting, and even creating unique views on the fly, using easy point-and-click interfaces.

One inevitable consequence of BI/DD platforms, such as Looker, is slow and non-performant queries. Because the SQL code is procedurally written, strange inefficiencies in user-click-generated code come up frequently. …

Jay Ozer

I spend my time following the fintech space and database technologies.

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